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We Are Creating Meaningful

We offer education, resources, and capital to recovering communities with access to land to foster a sustainable agriculture ecosystem

February '23
May '23
Nature Background

We're in Jacmel, Haiti!

Welcome to the vibrant heart of Haiti, Jacmel. 

Jacmel also known as "The Creative City", is celebrated for its lively residents, thriving artistic community.

Communities like Jacmel, rely heavily on imported goods to put food on their table, but the costs of shipping goods to Haiti (and many other countries) can be very costly and unaffordable to many families.

60% of Haitian residents have the potential to maximize their privately owned land, reducing their dependence on external aid.

How Does Agro Relief Help? 

We work with small farmers and families who have access to land. Together, we follow a sustainable agricultural plan to harvest their land. All in a proactive effort to mitigate food deprivation, and revive land preservation. 

We believe knowledgeable communities are better prepared to whether the storms of natural disasters & global disrupt, ultimately contributing to a more resilient future.

By transforming our attitude about the future, We are restoring Hope.

We are nurturing a sustainable agricultural ecosystem. It's our contribution to replenish the earth and address environmental damage and food insecurity.

Agro Relief Beans Farm in Haiti

Our Philosophy is Simple

We educate each other
We use our education to farm our land
We use our farm to eat & build
We build to give to our neighbor
It goes beyond a sales pitch.

It's about the Earth and its People.  
   It's time to mend our relationship.
       Healing from the ground up.

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