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Agro Farm 

Farming the Future:
From Seeds to Harvest

We select qualified beneficiaries with access to land.

Together, we develop a customized 6 month to 1 year plan to cultivate a farm on their property.

How We Do
What We Do? 

A farmer standing in a thriving field of corn

We create customize plans according to your farm's needs and growth schedule.

We work together to cultivate a variety of crops, including potatoes, rice, pigeon beans, black beans, and corn.


A farmer dumping a bunch of corn cobs to dry in the open land

Stipends, resources, and mentorship to meet their unique farming needs and schedules.

Beneficiaries can receive stipends that range from $300 to $500.

Our support extends from hands-on guidance to more self-directed assistance.

Interns Farming and Learning from their Peers

We Give Agro Farmers...

Agro farmers are provided with the resources needed to achieve self-sustainability through their land, empowering them to create businesses for their products, goods, and services.

Upon reaching a level of self-sustainability, our Agro farmers are invited to participate as project managers and mentors within the Agro Relief initiative.

What Happens
After Agr0?

A Merchant Farmer spreading out and showcasing their healthy harvest

Thank you for helping us
make a difference!

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