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Our Story

The Story of

In the vibrant heartland of Haiti, we saw the potential for agriculture as a way to create ripples of change in its beautiful but often challenged landscapes.

The seed of an idea took root and grew into what we now know as 
 Relief Inc.

Why Haiti?

Haiti's legacy includes being the first black country to gain independence, in the world. It's home to over 11 million people, making it the most populous countries in the Caribbean. 

By nourishing Haiti, we're setting a powerful example that can be shared and replicated with other countries across the globe.

Agro Relief is a movement
dedicated to nur
turing  communities' landscapes through sustainable farming practices.


We're here to roll up our sleeves
helping families and small farmers maximize the potential of their land through agriculture,
nourishing themselves, their loved on
es, and their community.

From the earth to their table

For Over a Decade

co-Founder of Agro, Paolo provided for his family in Haiti through times of hunger, disaster, and emergencies - a responsibility that many first-generation immigrants, both in the United States and worldwide, can relate to.


As families worldwide become more dependent on imported food and goods, many compassionate individuals take on the obligation to provide for their families overseas. Most of the funds sent abroad are primarily used for food, healthcare, and education.

With so much money going toward food, we questioned why our people weren't cultivating their own land to meet their food needs, especially in regions with a favorable climate for agriculture, like the Caribbean.

We aim to empower a new generation of farmers in developing countries, repositioning agriculture as a source of financial relief and self-sustainability.

Thank you for helping us
make a difference!

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