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We Can't Help Everyone 
Everyone Can Help Someone

Image by Heather Suggitt
Image by Claudia Altamimi
Image by Anthony Ingram
Image by Claudia Altamimi
Image by Claudia Altamimi
Image by Heather Suggitt
Image by Bailey Torres


We Need Your Support!

We are Creating a Self-sustaining, Agricultural Ecosystem

When you contribute to Agro's mission, you become apart of a community dedicated to sustainable agriculture. Your generosity empowers us to embrace innovation, support local farmers, conserve natural resources, and promote responsible stewardship of the land.


We accept all contributions



Cash Donation

Help us Reach Our Goal is $50,000!

Donate to Support Agriculture in Recovering Communities

Every Penny of Your Donation Contributes to Agro Relief Inc's Important Work.


"Let's embrace our world for what it is, and feel better knowing we're working together to improve it." 
- Paolo D. Lappe, Founder of Agro Relief Inc.


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